Photos by Howie Stern, Ross Comer, Jerry Gamez, Kali Mellus, Candice Burt

Bigfoot 200 Registration & Race Information

Read carefully​, I've heard there are sasquatch in these parts...

All applicants are required to read the Runner's Manual before signing up. The Runner's Manual has
all the information you will need to participate in the event. If you have a question, it will be answered there.
Please read through there before sending emails to the race management.

Race Info
  • Date: 2018 Race is August 10-14 (Friday-Tuesday)
  • Volunteering: We love our volunteers! Get some fun race swag while enjoying the Cascade Mountains and helping with this epic event. We need a lot of volunteers to make this event run smoothly. If you'd like to volunteer please email Please let us know what dates you are available, any special skills (medical, ability to run/sweep the course, cooking, etc) and any supplies (generators, canopy, coolers, etc) you are able to bring. 
  • 2018 Registration opens Aug 24 

 REGISTER HERE There are several price increases. The earlier you register the less you pay.  Prices go up after September 6, December 31 and May  31.

  • Location: The race starts at the famous Mt. St. Helens volcano in Southern Washington State in the USA. Runners then travel point to point to Mt. Adams and North to the small town of Randle, where they finish on the track. Closest towns are Randle, WA and Cougar, WA. 
  • Layout of Race: Non-stop, point to point 205.8 mile foot race. Athletes travel by foot only and must finish in 105 hrs.
  • Cut off is 105 hours, that's 4 1/2 days!
  • Aid: Race has 14 full aid stations and 6 sleep stations with hot made to order food, pre-prepared food, drinks, water, medical kits, and much more! Most aid stations allow drop bags for runners to leave extra clothing and snacks. For more information on aid stations see our Runner's Manual.
  • Medical & Communications: Most (if not all) aid stations will have medical personnel. The event uses HAM radio communication at aid stations and the finish line. All runners are tracked with GPS SPOT beacons.
  • More information: Runner's Manual, all 28+ pages of it can be found here: Runner's Manual
  • Sign up for EMAIL UPDATES
  • Fees: Regular registration of $995 plus $45 mandatory SPOT rental. Or you may submit your SPOT/deLorme Inreach link to us during registration for $10. Prices for entry go up after Dec. 31 to $1095 and May 31 to $1195. 
  • How to Pay/Options: You will pay via Ultrasignup when you register. To avoid ultrasignup fees (they are added at check out) you may mail a check. To register by paying by mail you will need to email the Race Director at: Entrants who need a payment plan may contact the Race Director and request one.  
  • Interactive map of the race course is here: Bigfoot 200 Map
  • Number of Entrants: We will accept 150 entrants. We reserve a certain number of spots in the event for people who are organizing aid stations and for sponsors. If you are interested in organizing an aid station or sponsoring the event please email and We have limited space in the race. Register early for guaranteed entry!
  • Waitlist: We will have a up to a 100 person waitlist for the event, if we get enough signups to warrant a waitlist.
  • How do I qualify? The Bigfoot 200 is a tough mountain race in a very remote location. We recommend that potential participants consider that this event is a graduate level race. We leave the decision as to whether a participant is "qualified" up to each individual. We do not have any race qualifiers for this event.  
  • Refunds: We ask that entrants do not ask for special treatment when it comes to refunds and transfers. We do not offer transfers to our other events, no exceptions. Refunds are based on what you paid (early or late reg) and whether there is a waitlist. To read the entire refund policy, please see the runner's manual. 
  • Swag/Awards: All entrants get a t-shirt, bumper sticker, pint glass, and finishers who complete the course within the 105 hr time frame receive a handmade belt buckle made with resin containing plants from the course as well as a finisher print to hang on your wall and a finisher wine glass! Buckles will not be given to anyone who does not finish the race within the 105 hours. No exceptions.
  • When/If you are accepted into the event: In addition to the entry fee and meeting qualifying standards, all accepted entrants must mail the race director 12 oz of whole bean coffee and a Bigfoot item (can be a live specimen, a picture, stuffed animal, sticker, statue, drawing, clothing...just needs to be a Bigfoot) within 1 month of being accepted. Please choose your pound of coffee wisely, no decaf or ground coffee will be accepted. The race director will need the caffeine it to make this event a success. Those entrants who do not meet these requirements will forfeit their entry. Entrants will receive a confirmation from ultrasignup once they are registered and in the confirmation email it will include the address to send the above items. If you do not receive the message with address, please email