Reviews of the 2016 Event

BIG may well be the perfect description for this endurance run. (Far better than "_uge".) The climbs, the remoteness, the views, the distance traveled, the time you are out there, the hearts of the volunteers - are all SO BIG in scale!! A perfect descriptive phrase is "tough & beautiful". Born on the heels of a successful inaugural Tahoe200, both created by a race director who could also be described as tough & beautiful, for solo scouting the course. This race instantly became a success on it's own, not destined to be the little sister of Tahoe200. Challenge yourself to a continuous multi day adventure along some of the best trails the Pacific Northwest has to offer. You might even see Bigfoot! You will not regret it. My detailed 2016 report with tons of photos can be viewed at:

Rick Arikado

The Bigfoot 200 sets the race bar high, both in terms of course difficulty and quality of race staff and volunteers. The well-marked, point-to-point course is gnarly and relentless, but the volunteers were so friendly, prepared, and encouraging that my boyfriend, Jared Byrd, and I were able to finish the race in under 100 hours without crew. Aid stations were stocked with made-to-order burritos, cheeseburgers, and a huge selection of vegan food, and the medical staff was on point, expertly treating our disgusting and battered feet and keeping us moving down the trail. The only thing better than the people at Bigfoot? The spectacular views. This race is worth every penny of your race entry.
Sara Davidson; 99:30

After over forty years of racing, I have found my favorite race, Bigfoot 200...two thumbs up, five stars and the only race I would rate as a 10 out of 10.
Daro Ferrara: 86:36:00

Some POV from international runners; Protein and fat/oil included bacon, ham, avocado and eggs were prepared at each aid station. It was better for my metabolism than typical carbo-only meals in Asia. I am looking for what FLORA will offer this year. Moving drop bag system worked well and helped a lot international runners who do not have crew. Need preparation for exposed area. Altitude is not so high,but high latitude area and close to Passaic ocean means it could be dry and hot , it could be stormy. Prepare GPS or GIGA with waterproof. Course was marked well but a several sections may have less marking due to regulation.Lastly, I want to thank heart-warming community, volunteers, sponsors, runners who cross the river, bush hiking with me this brutal and beautiful trails. I will be back and finish this year DEFINITELY!
Takayuki Kugishima a.k.a KUGI, cut off at Klicktat,  point 159.4miles

Before I even registered for Bigfoot 200, I was impressed with the timeliness and the the description of the responses from the race director as I sent her several emails with questions. When I picked up my bib and attended the pre-race meeting, I felt very welcomed by all of the friendly and helpful volunteers. Everyone was more than willing to offer tips, suggestions, and encouragement. During the race, everything was well-organized and the course was well-marked. The amazing volunteers and staff made this a truly unforgettable experience. I would not have been able to complete one of the biggest accomplishments of my life without these generous and compassionate individuals! I want to mention too that the food and the meals that were prepared were incredibly delicious and filled me up with not just fuel/energy; but so much gratitude. Lastly, I have been running for over 17 years and I have never seen such beautiful and breath-taking views during a race. Bigfoot 200 has been the most beautiful and challenging race I have ever competed in, and I would highly recommend it! 
Katie Graff  81:12

That was such a freakin’ fun race!  Not only is the Bigfoot 200 a radical pioneer of distance and pure gnarliness, it was also perfectly organized and staffed.  I quit racing years ago in favor of expedition runs and FKT pursuits because races were too limited in terms of distance and adventure. But Candice and the Destination Trail Race crew have absolutely changed the game—I can’t wait to race with them again.
Will Laughlin

Reviews of the 2015 Event

First, what an amazing event you pulled off. Your hard work and dedication to the event showed. The volunteers were top-notch and the best of any ultra I've been a part of. Crazy to think you made a 200 mile event have the feel & accommodations of a small, local event. Amazing work from everyone. So pumped and honored to have shared those miles & m

ments with such a wonderful group of people. --- Adam Walton, 2015 finisher in 91:16:34

Thank you for all of your hard work. This is by far the best race I have ran to date. I don't even like the 200 distance. But I am thinking about this one for next year already. You raised the bar so high on all other races. Thanks to you and your dedication and crazy dream it became a reality. Amazing job, best RD ever. It was so nice to even see you at the finish line. Above and beyond. ---Andrew Ewing, 2015 finisher in 87:37:46

Thank you for giving your heart, time, and sleep to giving us an opportunity to all share a great adventure! ---Kate Woodard, final finisher in the 2015 race in 106:43:40

Thank you once again for putting on such an amazing, incredible, life-changing event last weekend.  My mind will be re-playing that experience and drawing energy and confidence for many years to come.  It was totally awesome! ---Max Bliss, 2015 finisher in 87:09:58

Endless thanks for everything this weekend. You helped many of us make our dreams come true-and you did it with vision, integrity and passion. So blessed to have come across Destination Trail. I've never doubted the capacity of these events to change you, strip you down completely and afford you the opportunity to rebuild a stronger, clearer and more resilient version of yourself. Bigfoot 200 did all that and more. I've never been so thoroughly tested, and I've never been so proud to cross a finish line.
Thank you again to Candice Burt and the Bigfoot 200 crew. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.--- David Bidler, 2015 finisher 88:43:55

​I'm finally home and I'm on cloud 9. I'm still trying to process all my range of emotions from the past week adventure! Bigfoot 200 was a truly epic, gnarly, unbelievable event. I made it through 140 of the 200 mile race, that sucks but I made some friends for a lifetime! It's really hard to describe what it's like to spend 70 plus hours on the trail with someone and not become close friends for a lifetime. ---Jason Davis, 2015 Bigfoot 200 starter, finished 140/200 miles.

Celebrating another successful foray to the mountains. BF200 was a bit bigger and badder even than Tahoe 200. But Candice Burt and her stellar crew pulled off yet another coup, putting on a spectacular event without a hitch. This is one definitely deserving of a return trip. ---Jim Ball, 2015 finisher in 94:24:09

​You provided me with an opportunity to have an amazing adventure, one I will never forget... Thank you for the great work you and your crew did! It was a truly top notch event!!! ---Scott Nickerson, 2015 finisher in 100:41:42​​

​Candice, you and your team are phenomenal!! Can't think of enough great words to describe how perfect the race appeared from the runner/crew perspective. Congrats! First-class professional and fun!! Thank you to your volunteers. Everyone was just fantastic!! ---Cherri Marcinko, Crew for 2015 runner

Candice thank you for your hard work and dedication to pull this amazing race organization together. It was a tough one, well organized and the volunteers were absolutely amazing, especially the breakfasts... oh and the burgers too.... I expect many will flock to next year's event based on this year's success.. Congrats to you and all involved in the event. ---Howard Cohen, 2015 Finisher in 87:10:40

​Just as I was fortunate to run the inaugural T200, I feel honoured to be among those who ran the first BigFoot 200. I would not want anyone who follow our footsteps in the years to come to have an easier path to the finish line. ---Rick Arikado, 2015 Finisher in 85:23:43

This was one of the toughest and most fun runs I have ever done. The camaraderie of the runners and volunteers was amazing. I made a bunch of new friends on this adventure, both real and imagined. I can't wait to do another run like this again. Thank you Candice Burt for putting so much time and love into this event. It was worth it. ---Todd Evans, 2015 Finisher in 79:42:00

When reading all those epic ‪Bigfoot200‬ race reports - flashbacks to the Class of 2014 ‪Tahoe200‬ a year ago. 200 miles is the new marathon, just better. And those directed by Candice Burt are the new Boston, just sweeter. --- Andre Blumberg, 2014 Tahoe 200 Finisher