Bigfoot 73 Information

Join us on a 73 mile exploration of the Cascade Mountains

of Washington State through an active volcano, eruption zone, lava fields and old growth forests this will be a journey of a lifetime.

Race Date: July 10-11, 2021 at 5:30am 

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Registration opens Feb 12 at 9am PT

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2020 Race transfers should see their race credit show up automatically when registering, otherwise please email Kristal for help:

The Bigfoot 73 begins at Marble Mountain Sno Park and runs around Mt. St. Helens and into the Mount Margaret Backcountry. The course showcases some of the most stunning views of the area including the desolation zone of Mt. St. Helens, hanging lakes, lava fields, long mountaintop ridge lines with stunning forest, mountain and lake views. You might even see a Bigfoot or two… it’s been known to happen in these parts.

The race has 5 aid stations (including the finish line), averaging approximately 14.6 miles between stations. Runners will be timed from
the start to the moment they cross the finish line. The race will be well marked and the aid stations well stocked, but it does require a certain amount of self sufficiency with one leg being 18.5 miles long. There are plenty of streams to get water from and trail runners will enjoy the solitude and beauty of a race course that is truly unique, non-repetitive and wild. Just like last year, the race will start AND finish at Marble Mountain Sno Park. Please see the Runner's Manual for the most up to date information. ​

WHEN: July 10, 2021 at 5:30am - July 11 at 6:30am (25 hr cut off)

START LOCATION:  Marble Mountain Sno Park near Cougar, WA. GPS Coordinates (plug into google): 46.1303, -122.1713

RACE START: 5:30am July 10 at Marble Mountain Sno Park

RACE CHECK-IN: Saturday, July 10 from 4am-5:15am at Marble Mountain Sno Park. Participants may leave drop bags at this time. Runners may also check in race morning. GPS Coordinates (plug into google): 46.1303, -122.1713

START/FINISH LOCATION: Marble Mountain Sno-Park at Mount St. Helen’s National Monument, National Forest Development Road 83, Stevenson, WA 98648. GPS Coordinates (plug into google): 46.1303, -122.1713

DISTANCE: 73.3 miles. Remote race course in the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington State. 

COVID PROTOCOL: Race start will be lightly staggered to avoid crowding, please maintain 6' distance from other runners. We ask you to limit the number of people you travel with and who come to the race with you to avoid gathering large groups. Per Washington State rules, gathering in large groups is discouraged. We will be following rules of Washington State and the CDC as required. Masks will be optional (honor system) at the race start, aid stations and finish line. 

AID STATIONS:Click here for detailed information


FEE: $195. No day of race registration is available. Online reg closes July 30 and no registration is allowed after that.

RUNNER'S MANUAL: Please read the manual for all the info you need. All aid station, crew, pacer, race rules and more is in the manual. 

MAP OF THE ROUTE:  See the Course here.

AWARDS: All finishers get a finisher award. T
op 3 male and top 3 female finishers receive special awards in addition to finisher’s awards.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Graduate level race, experienced ultrarunners only please. We recommend that runners consider that this is a tough and extremely challenging
 race that requires runners to be fairly self sufficient and prepared for all weather including wind and rain. Aid stations average 14.6 miles apart but are as far as 20 miles. We will have fun and well stocked aid stations. We take food seriously and will offer a large variety of options at the full aid stations. THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER RACE. For beginner try our 20 mile race.

MANDATORY GEAR: All participants are required to carry mandatory gear of the following items:

1. Jacket with hood (waterproof recommended). If the forecast calls for precipitation we will change this to mandatory WATERPROOF jacket. 
2. Emergency blanket (foil type including foil bivy is acceptable). We recommend a mylar bivy as they are far more effective than the blankets. Here's the
bivy we love. 
3. Whistle
4. Long sleeve insulating layer: long sleeve t-shirt or down jacket or long sleeve shirt or jacket of some kind in addition to the jacket with hood 
5. Pants- must cover your entire legs
6. Hat & gloves. Can substitute buff for hat.
7. 500 EXTRA calories: should be carried the entire race unless needed for emergency
8. Headlamp and/or waist lamp with extra batteries

More info on mandatory gear in the Runner's Manual