You can also find this information in the Runner's Manual

Full Aid Station: Water, Electrolyte drink, gels, soda, drinks, real food like soup, quesadillas, sandwiches, fruit, candy and other warm food.  First aid and medical personnel at most aid stations.  Lots of friendly volunteers!

Pacing allowed from Windy Ridge (mi 34.3) or Blue Lake (mi 52.4). See descriptions below for more info. Runners are responsible for their pacers and crew! The race will be unable to help with car shuttling or picking up crew/pacers.

KEY:  All aid stations are FULL aid stations. Most  aid stations will have medical personnel and HAM radio operators or satellite phone communication. Medical volunteers are on site to assist with minor medical issues. Major medical issues will have to be dealt with at a local hospital.

0.0  Norway Pass Trailhead Parking Lot (Start). No Crew, Drop bags allowed

18.7  Coldwater Lake: Boat launch area/parking area

Crew allowed, Drop bags allowed (do not leave a drop bag here if you need it back at a certain time, drop bags will not be delivered to the finish until mid-day Sunday Oct 11. Do not leave valuables in drop bags). It’s a 2+ hour drive to get to this location from the finish. We recommend not putting anything valuable in this drop bag.

25.3   Johnson Ridge: Large Parking area for the Observatory. Crew allowed, NO Drop bags allowed.

34.3 Windy Ridge: Crew & Pacing allowed- PLEASE NOTE that it’s a 3.5 hr drive from Johnston Ridge AND Coldwater Aid stations to Windy Ridge Aid Station. We do not recommend having crew who are at Coldwater or Johnston Ridge meet you here due to the long drive, they would not make it in time to catch you going through the station. No Drop bags allowed here. Runners/crew/pacers will need to plan to arrange their own transportation to and from location as it is a long drive (1.75 hr plus) from the finish area to the parking for this aid station. **Please note that this aid station location has moved to the Windy Ridge Parking area so it is no longer a hike in aid station.

52.4 Blue Lake Aid at the end of Rd. 81 *Recommended location to start pacing, if you choose to have a pacer as it is just 30 min drive from the finish. Crew allowed, Pacing allowed, Drop Bags

64.4 Finish at Marble Mountain Sno-Park. Crew allowed, Drop Bags