LIVE TRACKING/SPOT DEVICE DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee live tracking or that it will work correctly. SPOT device tracking is not always accurate and occasionally devices do not work properly. Sometimes people are marked as DNF (Did Not Finish) or Finished that are still on course. Please note that we are tracking runners through radio communications first, live map second. Live map is for your enjoyment and for a backup or in the case that we need to locate a runner. 

2022 Live Runner Tracking 

Follow runners as they attempt 209.2 miles point to point through the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Race begins August 12 at 9am PST and ends Tuesday, August 16 at 8pm. Runners have 107 hours to complete all 209.2 miles with 46,000+ ft climbing!​​

Mobile Devices Follow Runner's GPS SPOT trackers at TrackLeaders - works better for mobile devices than this website. 

See photos of the race on Facebook in real time! We will be posting photos, stories and videos throughout the race.

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Live Tracking for Bigfoot 200 

SPOT rentals/tracking: We do not guarantee that SPOT trackers will work properly or that the map will work properly. About 5% of trackers have an issue during the 4+ days that the event is live. Public use of the map is for the public’s enjoyment and is not guaranteed to work nor is its accuracy guaranteed at any time. The race organization uses the map for the safety of the runners and reserves the right to make the map private at any time during the event. Although rare, occasionally participants can be marked as having finished or DNF (did not finish) when they are in fact still on the course. The race organization is tracking all runners both through the map and also through radio communication in and out of all aid stations, so the map is a back up to the radio runner tracking and a way for the race to locate runners in the case of emergency or other need. We ask that you stay calm if you feel there is a problem and contact us. Often SPOT trackers can seem like they are ‘off course’ when in fact they are on course, at an aid station (sleeping), sleeping on trail or the tracker may just be bouncing off canyons/ mountains. We have designated employees whose job it is to monitor this map and report to us if anyone appears to be lost or off course. You cannot tell by just looking at where the tracker is if someone is off course due to the occasional inaccuracy of the devices. We can tell though by accessing their actual waypoints, so please remember that we are working on this at all times day and night. If you do have concerns you may email and