Bigfoot 200, August, Washington State                           

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LIVE TRACKING PAGE as they attempt 206.5 miles point to point through the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Race begins August 9 at 9am PST and ends Tuesday, August 13. Runners have 105 hours to complete all 206.5 miles with 42,000+ ft climbing!​​

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COVID-19 Statement: We would like to assure you that we are not planning to cancel the 2020 race due to the coronavirus epidemic that has many events cancelling well in advance. We have opted to “wait and see” and we will continue as though our event will happen. We are hopeful that we will be able to hold our event in August. As the situation develops we will keep runners up to date with any changes or issues. At this time we have no reason to believe that we will not be able to hold our Bigfoot events. Our Runner’s Manual outlines our refund and transfer options on pg 4-5 for our 200 miler. For other distance's policies please visit that race page in our header navigation. Please know that there is always a risk that we will not be able to hold our event be it due to COVID-19, forest fires or other natural disasters or acts of God. We want to thank you for your patience and understanding and for all the offers of help during this most difficult time. As a small business we have certainly been hit hard by this epidemic. The mandatory closures, cancelling events this spring and being unable to get the signups we normally would with a full schedule has been very challenging. We deeply thank you for your kindness and understanding and we look forward to seeing you in August!

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 The Triple Crown of 200 Mile Races
 Three Incredible 200 Mile Races in Three Months

 ​Explore 4 states, 4 mountain ranges and 650.3 miles! Visit our Website here

Quick Facts for the Bigfoot 200

  • 42,000 + feet (12,802 meters) of ascent
  • 206.5 miles, non stop, point to point! 
  • Fully marked course with reflective ribbons and signs
  • 6 Sleep Stations with full aid, hot food, medical, and crew access
  • 14 full aid stations with hot food, medical, and more
  • The race starts at Mount St. Helens in the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington State               and finishes in Randle, WA traversing point to point the Cascade Mountains.
  • Race Dates: August 7-11, 2020

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Check out the Lone Fir Resort for all your lodging needs at the start/finish of the Bigfoot 100k, 40 mile and 20 mile and for the start line of the Bigfoot 200!

The Bigfoot races explore the incredible Cascade Mountains. Runners will experience such varied terrain as the otherworldly Volcanic Mount St. Helens (erupted in 1980), lava fields, long mountaintop ridge lines with stunning forest, mountain and lake views, deep old growth forests as green and thick as a rainforest, misty mountain tops, and cross streams on their way to completing this massive, life changing event. 


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