Photos by Howie Stern, Ross Comer, Jerry Gamez, Kali Mellus, and Candice Burt

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 Double Crown of 200s

  We've created the ultimate challenge:                 Two incredible 200 mile races in one year, the     Bigfoot 200 in August and the Tahoe 200 in         September. These 2 races aren't just any 200       milers either, the are point to point & single         loop. No repetition! Finishers of the Double         receive a special commemorative award.   

Bigfoot 200 & 120 Mile Endurance Run

Quick Facts for the Bigfoot 200

  • 50,000+ feet (15,240 meters) of ascent
  • More than 96,000 feet of elevation change
  • 203.8 miles, non stop, point to point! 
  • 6 Sleep Stations with full aid, hot food, medical, and crew access
  • 16 full aid stations with hot food, medical, and more
  • The race starts at Mount St. Helens in the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington State and finishes in Randle, WA traversing point to point the Cascade Mountains.
  • The race will be August 12-16, 2016
Bigfoot is everywhere in these parts . . .  Yet the Bigoot remains elusive: "For 200 years, reports of immense, dark, hairy bipeds have circulated in northern California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and parts of western Canada. Believers say as many as 2,000 of the creatures may live in the region. Some think Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, descended from the extinct gigantopithecus, the largest ape that ever lived. ---Hunt for Bigfoot Attracts True Believers by Maria Goodavage, USA Today, 24 May 1996 

The Bigfoot 200 is a point to point traverse of some of the most stunning, wild, and scenic trails in the Cascade Mountain range of Washington State. The race ends in Randle, WA after crossing the Cascade Mountains from Mount St. Helens to Mt. Adams and along ridge lines with views of volcanoes Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, Mt Adams and more! 

The race will bring together people from all over the world to tackle this incredible challenge. With over 50,000 feet of ascent and more than 96,000 feet of elevation change in 203.8 miles, this non-stop event is one of a kind in both its enormous challenge and unparalleled scenery. The race is not a stage race nor is it a relay. Athletes will complete the route solo in 105 hours or less, some without sleeping.